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Piano Stars Rest Value Race

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This game is great for students of all levels.

Each student starts with their playing piece on the treble clef star in the center of the board. Take turns rolling a die and move your playing piece accordingly. Playing pieces may be moved in any direction on the board BUT you can only move one direction per turn. So, on one turn you can go clockwise & then your next turn counter-clickwise but not both directions in the same turn. Once you get to the outside ring you must stay on the outside ring until you have completed 3 measures of 4 beats. To do this, you must land on a star that has a rest in it. For example, you have 4 beats so this measure is complete. The sutdent cna draw a bar line and begin working on the next measure. If you land on the yellow star with a half rest then you only have 2 beats. You need to continue around the board to collect more notes to make a measure of 4 beats. Every measure must be a different arrangement of rests to make beats. Once a student has completed all the required measure they must then travel back to the treble clef star in the center of the board. You must land on the star to win. If all of the measures are completed with the proper amount of beats and are unique to one another then that student wins the game!

More game ideas to use with this board are included.