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Piano Stars Technique Spinner - Complete Set

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Spice up scale practice with these brightly colored, sturdy laminated spinner cards. Great for students to use for at home practice and teachers to use at the lesson. Beginner & Advanced levels included.

All 24 major & minor keys included on the "key spinner".

Beginner level card includes:
Scales: major, harmonic, melodic, contrary motion, formula pattern, staccato, chromatic.
Triads: solid, broken.

Advanced card includes:
Scales: 3rds, 6ths, 8vas, major, harmonic, melodic, formula pattern, chromatic, staccato, staccato octaves.
Chords: 4 note, dominant, diminished, solid, broken, alternate.
Arpeggios: root position, first inversion, second inversion, dominant, diminished
Easily adaptable for very young beginner to very advanced levels.

Examples of adaptability:
1. On the beginner scale card you if land on the orange section "Scale - formula pattern" but you have not learned the formula pattern, you could play the contrary motion or just the regular scale instead (they are all on the same orange section so it's easy to see the alternates).
2. On the keys card, if you land on red Gb+ but you haven't learned that scale yet you could do the red key located on the opposite side of the board instead (in this case C+).
3. On the keys card you could choose to play with only major keys or only minor keys by applying the rule "if you land on a minor key, just play the major key listed in the same color section.

Size: each card is approx. 5"x5"