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Piano Stars Symbols Stepping Game

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The "Symbols Stepping Game" is a fun game to learn a variety of music symbols!

Game Rules:

Each student places a playing piece on the start star. Using a die, roll a number and then move that many spaces ahead. If the student lands on a symbol then have them name the symbol, the meaning of the symbol, or both. If the student answers correctly then at their next turn they can roll again and continue. If they get the answer incorrect they have to stay on their space for as many turns as it takes to get the correct answer.

If the student lands on a star they have to complete a task within 30 seconds.(see timer in game accessories) Each star task can be different. For example: (Have a note naming sheet & the student has to name as many notes as possible, have the student play a scale with proper fingering, Have the sudent answer as many flash cards as possible with correct answers).

More examples and other game suggestions for this board are included with game.
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